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Started in 2013, American Mortgage Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oklahoma’s first state-chartered bank, First State Bank of Elmore City.  For over 100 years, First State Bank of Elmore City has been family owned and operated on the principles of solidarity and soundness instilled by its founders, and American Mortgage Bank walks the same path.

AMB will help you make an informed decision when evaluating the various home mortgage loan options.  From finding out how much you can qualify for, to applying for a mortgage loan and everything in between, we have your back!

  1. Amy Earley

  2. Angie Brock

  3. April Hilburn

  4. April Lowery

  5. Aslan Maleki

  6. Caleigh Weeks

  7. Cassandra Eaton

  8. Courtney Humphrey

  9. Dani Rosenberg

  10. Deb Ecklund

  11. Deb Huston

  12. Denise Cordell

  13. Elsa Vidales

  14. Esteban Aviles

  15. Frederick Owens

  16. Gabbie Breckenridge

  17. Gina Scott

  18. Hayley Casinger

  19. Jack Smith

  20. Jackie Fushille

  21. Jasmine Mitchell

  22. Jason Lott

  23. Jason Mitchell

  24. Jennifer Johnson

  25. Jim Foster

  26. JoDee Liptak

  27. John Whitfill

  28. Johnathan Lee

  29. Jon Steuber

  30. Josh Anderson

  31. Juan Sainz

  32. Justin Clark

  33. Karen Pickens

  34. Katlyn Gleaves

  35. Kayli Christensen

  36. Keith Haralson

  37. Kelsey Rodriguez

  38. Kimmy Williams

  39. Kyle Campbell

  40. Lindsey Shoemake

  41. MaKayla Lewis

  42. Mariah Halpain

  43. Marie Greenly

  44. Marlon Mitchell

  45. Marlon Mitchell II

  46. Max Stephens

  47. Mel Hoffman

  48. Melinda Whipple

  49. Micheal Leathers

  50. Michelle Deleon

  51. Miriam Estrada

  52. Nathan Armstrong

  53. Nick Whitten

  54. Orsy Gonzales

  55. Rachel Edwards

  56. Robert Lewis

  57. Ronda Garcia

  58. Sean Cornwell

  59. Stacy Baccus

  60. Susie Fiore

  61. Tiffany Johnson

  62. Trey Christensen

  63. Zarah Crago

Our Values



We will always take the high road by practicing the utmost ethical standards, and by honoring our commitments. We are dedicated to the practice of choosing to be forthright and honest; this is who we are.



We identify, develop, and deploy customer value through leading technology and process improvement tools. This increases our productivity, improves the customer experience and drives the sustainability of the company long term.



We collaborate and work collectively to deliver a better outcome for our employees and customers. Through a spirit of cooperation, we embrace each individual’s unique talents, diverse work styles, and contribution.

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